New cuts of bluegrass. Volume 4

Various artists

Label:New Cuts of Bluegrass 4
Release Date:2011
Country:United States ID: 12108656

Song Information:

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1. A far cry from Lester and EarlJunior Sisk & Rambler's Choice 3:01
Composer:Rick Pardue-Tim Massey-Harry Sisk, Jr.
Instruments:Harry Sisk, Jr.-g; Jason Davis-bj; Jason Tomlin-m; Billy Hawks-f; Tim Massey-bs
Vocals:H. Sisk, Jr.-L; T. Massey-T
2. Final farewellChris Jones & the Night Drivers 3:23
Composer:Jon Weisberger-Chris Jones
Instruments:Chris Jones-g; Ned Luberecki-bj; Mark Stoffel-m; Jon Weisberger-sb
Vocals:C. Jones-L/B; M. Stoffel-T
3. Behind those big closed doorsConnie Leigh 3:59
Composer:Connie Leigh
Instruments:Connie Leigh-f; Tim Crouch-g/f/m; Scott Vestal-bj; Dennis Crouch-sb
Vocals:C. Leigh-L
4. When Halley came to JacksonEmmylou Harris 3:10
Composer:Mary Chapin Carpenter
Instruments:Carl Jackson-g; Adam Steffey-m; Kevin Grantt-bs; Tony Creasman-d; Catherine Marx-p
Vocals:Emmylou Harris-L; Joey Martin-T; C. Jackson-B
5. Something borrowedBrennen Leigh 3:00
Composer:Brennen Leigh
Instruments:Brennen Leigh-m/g; Seth Hulbert-lg; Tommy Delamore-db; Justin Kolb-sb
Vocals:B. Leigh-L; S. Hulbert-H; Sunny Sweeney-H
6. I'm still learningLonesome River Band 3:27
Composer:Jerry Salley-Brandon Hickman
Instruments:Brandon Hickman-lg; Sammy Shelor-bj; Andy Ball-m; Mike Hartgrove-f; Mike Anglisn-sb
Vocals:A. Ball-L; S. Shelor-H; M. Anglin-H; A. Ball-H
7. Cold and whithered heartCumberland River 3:33
Composer:Jamie Dean
8. A light in the window, againCarolina Road 2:50
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall
Instruments:Lorraine Jordan-m; Ben Greene; Eddie Biggerstaff; Josh Goforth
Vocals:L. Jordan-V
9. Don't wait for the hearse to take you to churchRodney Dillard & the Dillard Band 2:59
Instruments:Rodney Dillard-reso g; Beverly Cotton Dillard-bj; Kerry Cole-g; Tracy Cole-g; Tim Crouch-m; Marty Wilhite-bs
Vocals:R. Dillard-L; Jim Glaspy-H; Beverly Cotton Dillard-H
10. Ground speedAll Star Jam Band 2:57
Composer:Earl Scruggs
Instruments:Brandon Rickman-g; Carl Jackson-bj; Sammy Shelor-bj; Wayne Benson-m; Mike Hartgrove-f; Mike Anglin-bs