Deeper Shade of Blue

Label:Mountain Fever MFR 180629
Release Date:2018-06-29
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2018-10
   Amazon ASIN: B07D1FB4JB
   Google Play: Byzee2qhjpropq4xnkwj2ujmxmy

Song Information:

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1. Steam2:57
2. Pearly gates3:09
3. Kentucky slave house4:33
4. Hook it2:53
5. Rain & snow4:11
6. Put some bluegrass in my ear3:05
7. Out of the blue2:42
8. How great thou art4:03
9. Most of all2:45
10. I just steal away and pray3:06
11. In your eyes2:55
12. Uncle Josh the Dobro king2:54