16 great bluegrass gospel classics. Vol. 2

Various artists

Label:Daywind DAY 1445D
Release Date:2005
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 12331042

Song Information:

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1. I'll meet you on the mountain
Composer:Milton Smith-Buddy Mullins-Gloria Gaither-Mark Lowry-Wesley Pritchard-William Gaither
2. He understands my tears
Composer:Rebecca Isaacs Bowman-Sonya Isaacs
3. Reunion in Heaven
Composer:Reagan G. Riddle
4. Heaven will surely be worth it all
Composer:Minzo C. Jones-W. Oliver Cooper
5. I'm gonna move on
Composer:Larry Petree
6. He still looks over me
Composer:Mike Richards-Rodney Lay, Jr.
7. The love of Christ
Composer:Joseph Smith
8. Are you prayin' hard
Composer:Mike Richards-Rodney Lay, Jr.
9. Heart that will never break again
Composer:Edd Easter-Russell Easter-Wesley Easter
10. Where could I go?
Composer:J. B. Coats
11. Stand still
Composer:Rebecca Isaacs Bowman-Sonya Isaacs
12. We'll work 'til Jesus comes
Composer:Elizabeth Hill-William Miller
13. That's all that matters to me
Composer:Dee Gaskin-Jerry Salley
14. My Christian home
15. No longer an orphan
Composer:Reagan Riddle
16. Garden tomb
Composer:Joe Isaacs