River of teardrops

Wes Golding & Surefire

Label:Heritage HRC 59
Release Date:1986
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1987-07

Song Information:

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A-1. River of teardrops
Composer:Wes & Trudy Golding
A-2. Country rain
Composer:Eddie Raven
A-3. Sweet wildwood flower
Composer:Wes Golding
A-4. Cedar Creek
Composer:Eric Ellis
A-5. Going up
Composer:Vern & Rex Gosdin
B-1. Raining in L.A.
Composer:Wes Golding
B-2. Wonder where you are tonight
Composer:Johnny Bond
B-3. Every night before breakfast
Composer:Eric Ellis
B-4. Lonesome River
Composer:Wes Golding-Jimmy Arnold
B-5. Traveling shoes
Composer:Wes Golding