Shining all around

Gospel Gentlemen

Label:Blue Moon LP 1392
Release Date:1985
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1985-04

Song Information:

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B-5. Too late for crying3:10
Composer:Roland Bailey
B-4. Walking in Jerusalem2:03
B-3. Sleep brother sleep3:36
Composer:G.F. Westmoreland
B-2. Six hours on the cross2:56
B-1. Jesus will set you free2:52
Composer:Charles McGuire
A-5. You can find it at the cross2:38
Composer:Roland Bailey
A-4. Build your treasure2:55
A-3. Momma's answered prayer3:52
Composer:Don Tinsley
A-2. The King who died3:16
Composer:G.F. Westmoreland, Jr.
A-1. Does your light shine?1:51
Composer:Charles McGuire