Sings bluegrass

Jimmie Skinner

Label:Vetco LP 3001
Release Date:197-?
Country:United States ID: 8374713

Song Information:

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A-1. Blue Ridge mt. blues2:12
A-2. Dear old mother2:20
A-3. You'll never worry my mind1:21
A-4. A lot more time to go1:40
A-5. I'm a free little bird1:27
A-6. Letter edged in black2:27
A-7. In the pines1:35
A-8. Short life of trouble1:30
A-9. Door of my heart2:16
A-10. I'll railroad no more2:15
B-1. A lonesome railroad man1:55
B-2. A rolling stone2:15
B-3. Going down the road feeling bad1:43
B-4. Midnight special1:34
B-5. Walking out of your life2:33
B-6. Chain of broken hearts2:27
B-7. Time won't ease my worried mind2:00
B-8. I'll bet you my heart that you're mine1:54
B-9. Little Nora1:33
B-10. Drifting and dreaming2:12