My pathway leads to Oklahoma

Bill Grant, Delia Bell & the Kiamichi Mountain Boys

Label:Kiamichi KMB 107
Release Date:1978
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1978-11 ID: 4967257

Song Information:

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A-1. Waiting for the train to run3:00
Composer:Bill Grant
A-2. Nothing can blow out the flame2:45
Composer:Delia Bell
A-3. February snow2:40
Composer:Shel Silverstien
A-4. The memory of your smile2:30
Composer:Ruby Rakes
A-5. Mandolin stroll2:58
Composer:Glen Bonham
A-6. My greatest Christmas4:39
Composer:Bill Grant
B-1. My pathway leads to Oklahoma4:00
Composer:Tracy Schwarz
B-2. Going back home3:30
Composer:Virgil Bonham
B-3. Black diamond blues3:50
Composer:Bill Grant
B-4. Losing you again3:20
Composer:Dallas Fraizier-Al Owens
B-5. Milk cow blues3:50
Composer:Johnnie Lee Wills