Turn the green hills brown

Grass Reflection

Label:Webco WLPS 0109
Release Date:1983
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1983-12

Song Information:

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A-1. Virginia2:03
Composer:Wendy Thatcher
A-2. Turn the green hills brown2:56
Composer:Mike Henderson
A-3. Where does the good times go2:00
Composer:Buck Owens
A-4. Sweetheart on the mountain3:27
Composer:Karen Spence, Susan Spence, Steve Spence
A-5. Comin' home to heaven above1:25
Composer:Karen Spence
A-6. Waitin' for a train2:00
Composer:Jimmie Rodgers
B-1. Sweet dream woman2:35
Composer:Chip Taylor, Al Gorgoni
B-2. We've cried each other's tears2:07
Composer:Steve Spence
B-3. Empty pocket blues2:15
Composer:Robin Bullock
B-4. Down where the still waters flow2:41
Composer:Pete Roberts
B-5. Dear old sunny south by the sea2:30
Composer:Jimmie Rodgers
B-6. Room in the master's mansion2:55
Composer:Mike Henderson