After all this time

Blue Moon Rising

Label:Mountain Fever MFR 190322
Release Date:2019-05-17
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2019-10
   Amazon ASIN: B07PBD8H2Q
   Google Play: Bsl3xbr3ztqa6idsk7m5o4vj6om

Song Information:

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1. Dollar bill blues2:40
2. I'm leaving you2:37
3. Fallen star saloon2:55
4. It doesn't matter any more3:19
5. Me and lonesome again2:52
6. Stand by me3:10
7. Louisville rambler3:59
8. He had a long chain on3:48
9. The rocket3:56
10. They won't believe2:11
11. Gun that never was for sale3:36
12. I know love now3:06
13. We'll meet again sweetheart3:35