Dad the dobro man

Josh Graves & Billy Troy

Label:CMH CMH 6264
Release Date:1988
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1988-09

Song Information:

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A-1. Don't let the stars get in your eyes2:25
Composer:S. Willit-H. Haynes-K. Burns
A-2. Cory Belle3:55
Composer:L. Payne
A-3. In the jailhouse now2:54
Composer:J. Rodgers
A-4. Elareeb2:01
Composer:B. Graves-W.T. Graves
A-5. She's loving me blind2:42
Composer:W.T. Graves-B. O'Donnell
A-6. Doin' my time2:35
Composer:J. Skinner
B-1. Come walk with me2:52
Composer:B. Graves
B-2. Dad the dobro man2:21
Composer:W.T. Graves
B-3. All for the love of a girl2:26
Composer:J. Horton
B-4. Coal field march2:10
Composer:B. Graves-W.T. Graves
B-5. Harvest of my heart3:30
Composer:J. Rushing-J. Turley
B-6. California blues (blue yodel no. 4)2:55
Composer:J. Rodgers