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The Country Gentlemen

Label:Cosmopolitan Country 40311-2
Release Date:2001
Country:Denmark ID: 8761906

Song Information:

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1. There's never been a time2:47
2. There's always something there to remind me2:23
3. Spend some time with me2:29
4. In my life2:07
5. Take my hand2:07
6. Where do I go from here2:58
7. On her way to being a woman2:42
8. Follow me back to Louisville2:36
9. Apartment #92:09
10. Ruby Tuesday2:59
11. Tears3:30
12. Storybook children2:30
13. Ordinary3:16
14. Long walk from childhood3:16
15. Coming apart2:45
16. There's no angel on my shoulder3:07