Bluegrass gospel

George Hamilton, IV

Label:Lamb & Lion LL 1015
Release Date:1974
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. I'm using my bible for a road map2:04
A-2. Old time religion2:10
Composer:Arthur Smith
A-3. When it's prayer meetin' time in the hollow2:35
A-4. I shall not be moved2:30
Composer:Arthur Smith
A-5. Father's table grace2:18
Composer:Otho Jones
A-6. Will the circle be unbroken2:55
Composer:Martin Christian
B-1. Shake my mother's hand for me2:24
Composer:E. Wright-T. Dorsey
B-2. O come angel band2:14
Composer:Martin Christian
B-3. Where did all the good folks go1:55
Composer:Dottie Rambo
B-4. Build me a cabin in glory2:15
Composer:Martin Christian
B-5. Precious memories2:38
Composer:Arthur Smith
B-6. Gathering flowers for the master's bouquet2:32
Composer:M.E. Baumgardner