A song for everyone

Bill Harrell & the Virginians

Label:Rebel REB 1655
Release Date:1987
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1988-06

Song Information:

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A-1. Hello lonesome, good morning blue2:24
Composer:Bill Harrell
A-2. Arkansas, you set my heart aglow2:26
Composer:Roger King
A-3. Bleeding heart2:49
Composer:Frank Radcliffe
A-4. You're a flower blooming in the wildwood2:35
A-5. The old crossroads2:20
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-6. I saw the master this morning3:56
Composer:Sharon Higgens-David Gillon
B-1. That's why I'm happy to be home2:14
Composer:Bill Harrell
B-2. Have you ever been lonely2:21
Composer:G. Brown-P. De Rose
B-3. Freight train boogie2:53
Composer:Jim Scott-Bob Nabor
B-4. You'll have to be the one to say goodbye3:06
Composer:Bill Harrell
B-5. Someone is calling me3:24
Composer:Bill Harrell
B-6. God's coloring book2:38
Composer:Dolly Parton