The wonderful world of bluegrass music

Bill Harrell & the Virginians

Label:United Artists UAL 3293
Release Date:1963-08
Country:United States ID: 10017755

Song Information:

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A-1. The legend of Jesse James2:43
Composer:Bill Harrell
A-2. Orange Blossom Special2:23
Composer:Gordon Terry
A-3. Banjo Bill2:29
Composer:Bill Harrell
A-4. Jimmy Brown the newsboy2:19
Composer:Bill Harrell
A-5. Polly pretty Polly2:14
Composer:Bill Harrell
A-6. Eating out of your hand2:48
Composer:B. Harrell-H. Harlow
B-1. Black Jack Davey1:15
Composer:S. Hobbs
B-2. Signal of the banjo1:58
Composer:S. Hobbs
B-3. I dipped in the sugar bowl2:29
Composer:B. Harrell
B-4. Will you be lovin' another man2:32
Composer:B. Monroe-L. Flatt
B-5. Don't say goodbye if you love me2:38
Composer:Bonnie Dodd-Jimmie Davis
B-6. Flower blooming in the wildwood2:44
Composer:Bill Harrell
B-7. A good woman's love2:37
Composer:Bill Harrell