Hard times & heartaches

Virginia Squires

Label:Rebel REB 1649
Release Date:1986
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1988-01

Song Information:

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B-5. Hooked on a feeling2:55
Composer:M. James
B-4. Waiting for you2:29
Composer:Wes Golding
B-3. War between the hearts4:28
B-2. Honey babe of mine2:10
Composer:Wes Golding
B-1. Oh mama please don't cry3:17
Composer:Larry McPeak
A-5. Maquoketa4:34
Composer:M. Newton-R. Simpkins
A-4. Hard times in Kentucky3:01
Composer:Larry McPeak
A-3. You better be prepared3:24
Composer:B. Caswell-R. Strandlund
A-2. Longing for the southland2:19
Composer:Randall Hylton
A-1. Why baby why3:06
Composer:Wes Golding