Heights of Grass

Label:CMH CMH 6253
Release Date:1980
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1981-04

Song Information:

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A-1. Carolina sunshine2:54
Composer:D. Farmer
A-2. All I ever loved was you3:37
Composer:D. Skaggs
A-3. Miles and miles of Texas2:59
Composer:T. Camfield-D. Johnston
A-4. Bile 'em cabbage down2:29
Composer:M. Christian
A-5. You made it right2:53
Composer:J. Dillon-E.J. Anderson
B-1. Right or wrong2:34
Composer:H. Gillespie-A.L. Sizemore-Biese
B-2. Alabama jubilee2:48
Composer:G.L. Cobb-J. Yellen
B-3. Carolina gold3:07
B-4. Thank God I'm a country boy3:37
Composer:J.M. Sommers
B-5. Loving you so long now2:59
Composer:A. Reynolds
B-6. Carry me back to old Virginny1:37
Composer:M. Christian