Home to me

High Country (California)

Label:Swallow LP 2004
Release Date:1984
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1984-09

Song Information:

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B-7. A Lonesome highway2:31
Composer:K.A. Little
B-6. Stay away from me3:07
Composer:B. Monroe
B-5. Heaven here on earth2:18
Composer:K.A. Little
B-4. Footprints in the snow3:25
B-3. Big Hendy Grove2:30
Composer:B. Waller
B-2. Who's that knocking at my door3:53
Composer:P. Enright
B-1. Say you only will be mine2:33
Composer:K.A. Little
A-7. Can't you hear me calling3:13
Composer:B. Monroe
A-6. Hard times2:53
Composer:C. Stanley
A-5. Nearer my God to thee2:38
A-4. Home to me2:50
Composer:B. Waller-K.A. Little
A-3. Love is a summer rose2:46
Composer:K.A. Little-J.F. Smith
A-2. Battle Mountain2:56
Composer:B. Waller
A-1. Blues for your own3:16
Composer:B. Waller