Get on board


Label:Princess P R 1131
Release Date:1973
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-6. Daddy Frank3:07
Composer:Merle Haggard
B-5. My Kentucky memories3:45
Composer:Willard Gayheart
B-4. Devil's dream2:37
B-3. Cold, cold heart2:32
Composer:Hank Williams
B-2. Love song of seasons2:08
Composer:James Lindsey, Thurman Pugh
B-1. Heartbreak Mountain2:10
Composer:Buck Owens
A-6. Moving on down the river1:43
Composer:Jean Ritchie
A-5. Fisher's Peak2:16
Composer:Donald Winsette
A-4. Hitch hiking2:14
Composer:Jimmy Zeh
A-3. The Night has come again3:00
Composer:Jimmy Zeh
A-2. The L and N don't stop here anymore2:58
Composer:Johnathan Hall
A-1. Ballad of a minstrel3:04