50 bluegrass favourites

Various artists

Label:Rodeo CM 720

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A-1. Where the wild, wild roses bloomCarl Loftstrom 2:20
A-2. Seeing Nellie homeThe Boutilier Brothers 3:13
A-3. The girl I left in sunny TennesseeAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 2:34
A-4. Hickory hollowThe Boutilier Brothers 2:10
A-5. I'll forgive youAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 2:20
A-6. Bluegrass waltzVic Mullen 2:50
A-7. That's how long I'll keep on loving youThe Boutilier Brothers 2:06
A-8. Pickin' and a grinnin'The Boutilier Brothers 1:59
B-1. Give my love to NellAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 3:07
B-2. Ashes of loveTom Wilson 2:00
B-3. Salty dogRon McMunn 2:04
B-4. Duelling banjosRon McMunn 2:14
B-5. Nearer my God to theeBrent & Harry 2:54
B-6. Pistol packin' preacherThe Boutilier Brothers 2:25
B-7. The wild colonial boyAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 2:36
B-8. You are my flowerRon McMunn 1:15
B-9. The great speckled birdRon McMunn 3:11
C-1. What a waste of good corn likkerThe Boutilier Brothers 2:02
C-2. Roses are bloomingThe Boutilier Brothers 2:25
C-3. John HenryVic Mullen 2:02
C-4. Poor little bull frogAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 2:00
C-5. Without even tryingThe Boutilier Brothers 2:30
C-6. Roll away ragVic Mullen 2:15
C-7. Grandfather's clockBrent & Harry 4:00
C-8. Truck drivin' manThe Boutilier Brothers 2:10
D-1. John Wesley HardingAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 2:10
D-2. Let those brown eyes smile at meThe Boutilier Brothers 3:02
D-3. Alf McCoy's reelRon McMunn 2:08
D-4. Let's be sweethearts againRon McMunn 2:51
D-5. I'm just here to take my baby out of jailBrent & Harry 2:35
D-6. Home is here the heart isThe Boutilier Brothers 1:56
D-7. Pal of yesterdayThe Boutilier Brothers 2:08
D-8. Wabash CannonballRon McMunn 3:30
E-1. I always get a souvenirAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 2:09
E-2. I still miss someoneAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 2:40
E-3. Country stringsThe Boutilier Brothers 1:38
E-4. Philadelphia lawyerAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 2:13
E-5. Foggy mountain topThe Boutilier Brothers 2:08
E-6. Banks of the OhioThe Boutilier Brothers 2:53
E-7. Silver threads and golden needlesAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 2:05
E-8. I can, I will, I do believeAngus Walker & the Birch Mountain Boys 1:50
E-9. Carlton County breakdownRon McMunn 3:27
F-1. Old Joe ClarkVic Mullen 1:25
F-2. Train 45Ron McMunn 2:06
F-3. It hurts me to say goodbyeBrent & Harry 2:07
F-4. Should our love be unfairBrent & Harry 1:54
F-5. Little red wagonTom Wilson 1:55
F-6. Plough boys reelTom Wilson 2:08
F-7. Borrowed timeTom Wilson 2:11
F-8. Bugle call ragVic Mullen 1:25