They said it couldn't be done

Humber River Valley Boys

Label:Boot BBG 6010
Release Date:1980
BG Unlimited:1980-12

Song Information:

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A-1. These old blues2:03
A-2. Between the lines2:37
A-3. The old, old house2:47
A-4. Blue Ridge Mountain home2:51
A-5. Cora's gone2:32
A-6. Dear old Dixie2:11
B-1. Wild Kentucky roan3:01
B-2. Temperance reel/Loch Levan Castle3:06
B-3. My sweet blue eyed darlin'1:59
B-4. Tell it to me2:30
B-5. I've just seen the rock of ages4:56
B-6. Love come home2:33