Song of the South

Carl Jackson

Label:Sugar Hill SH 3728
Release Date:1982
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1983-07

Song Information:

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A-1. Love and wealth2:20
Composer:C. & I. Louvin
A-2. On my mind2:50
Composer:J. Organ-T. James
A-3. Jerusalem Ridge4:26
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-4. Lay down my old guitar2:02
Composer:Alton Delmore
A-5. Baby you're all mine tonight2:19
Composer:Carl Jackson
B-1. Erase the miles2:53
Composer:Carl Jackson
B-2. Jesse and me2:30
Composer:Carl Jackson
B-3. The Lonesome river3:14
Composer:Carter Stanley
B-4. Stoney Creek2:24
Composer:J. & J. McReynolds
B-5. Song of the south3:07
Composer:Carl Jackson