More country gospel

J. D. Jarvis

Label:Rural Rhythm RRJD 218
Release Date:1969
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1970-01

Song Information:

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B-10. I'm so glad
B-9. Walk around me Jesus
B-8. Go feed my sheep
B-7. It takes a lot of Jesus
B-6. Wash your brother's feet
B-5. God's not dead, he's still alive
B-4. Wait a little longer
B-3. Amen
B-2. Mother's foot steps
B-1. Praise God I'm ready to go
A-10. Is He satisfied
A-9. Where will I shelter my sheep
A-8. Home by the river
A-7. I'll meet you in the church Sunday morning
A-6. I cannot find my way alone
A-5. I won't have to cross Jordan alone
A-4. Too far upon my journey
A-3. Life's weary road
A-2. In memory of Leroy Allen Lykins
A-1. Go home