Crazy Water barn dance

Snuffy Jenkins & Pappy Sherrill

Label:Rounder 0059
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1977-01

Song Information:

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B-10. Room 202
B-9. Green Mountain polka
B-8. Home made ice cream
B-7. Sally Johnson
B-6. Missouri and goodnight waltzes
B-5. Home brew rag
B-4. Nine pound hammer
B-3. Greasy's blue heaven
B-2. Careless love
B-1. Wake up, Susan
A-10. Draggin' the bow
A-9. House of David blues
A-8. Sugar tree stomp
A-7. Frankie and Johnnie
A-6. The preacher and the bear
A-5. Peekaboo waltz
A-4. Down yonder
A-3. No name blues
A-2. Sharon
A-1. Wang wang blues