Natural sound of Jim & Wesley and the Virginia Cutups

Jim & Wesley & the Virginia Cutups

Label:Latco WCG 300
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Bad moon1:50
Composer:John C. Fogerty
A-2. Freight train blow your whistle2:35
Composer:Bill Browning
A-3. Sitting on top of the world1:59
A-4. I love you still2:10
A-5. Old Joe Ed2:25
Composer:Joe King
A-6. Legend of the black veil3:20
Composer:Marijohn Wilkin-Danny Dill
B-1. Take a letter Maria2:07
Composer:R.B. Greaves
B-2. Good woman's love2:22
B-3. Jesus is coming soon2:20
Composer:R.E. Winsett
B-4. Hold whatcha got2:25
Composer:Jimmy Martin
B-5. J & W rag2:15
Composer:Jimmy Arnold-Wesley Golding
B-6. Careless love2:15