David & Billie Ray Johnson

Label:Folkways FTS 31056
Release Date:1983
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1984-08 ID: 5951264

Song Information:

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A-1. Blue grass breakdown3:10
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-2. Sally Goodin'2:30
A-3. Kentucky waltz3:37
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-4. Billy in the lowground2:40
A-5. Beaumont rag3:00
A-6. Earl's breakdown2:31
Composer:Earl Scruggs
B-1. Grey eagle2:45
B-2. Back up and push2:30
B-3. Rose Conley2:55
B-3. Wildwood flower
B-4. Fisher's hornpipe3:25
B-5. Gold rush3:22
Composer:Bill Monroe
B-6. Groundspeed2:10
Composer:Earl Scruggs