At the old schoolhouse

Johnson Mountain Boys

Label:Rounder 0260/0261
Release Date:1989
Country:United States

Song Information:

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D-6. Wake up Susan1:28
D-5. Daniel prayed2:56
Composer:G.T. Speer
D-4. Do you call that religion2:44
D-3. Don't you call my name2:09
Composer:Herbert Campbell
D-2. Now just suppose3:17
Composer:Dudley Connell
D-1. Going to Georgia1:26
C-4. Get down on your knees and pray3:38
Composer:Bill Monroe
C-3. Orange Blossom Special3:12
Composer:Ervin T. Rouse
C-2. With body and soul3:22
Composer:Virginia Stauffer
C-1. I've found a hiding place3:28
Composer:Albert E. Brumley-Sr.
B-7. Sweetest gift2:41
Composer:James B. Coates
B-6. Georgia stomp2:43
Composer:David McLaughlin
B-5. Dream of a miner's child4:54
B-4. Five speed2:33
Composer:Richard Underwood
B-3. Waltz across Texas2:13
Composer:Billy Talmadge Tubb
B-2. Ricestrow1:58
B-1. Unwanted love2:21
Composer:Don Reno-Red Smiley-Harry Leftwich
A-6. Weathered gray stone4:50
Composer:Dudley Connell
A-5. John Henry, the steel-driving man1:50
A-4. Bluest man in town3:32
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-3. Long journey home2:01
A-2. Let the whole world talk2:58
Composer:J.D. Miller
A-1. Black Mountain blues5:14
Composer:Leslie Keith