Al Jones & Frank Necessary and the Spruce Mountain Boys

Al Jones, Frank Necessary & the Spruce Mountain Boys

Label:Rounder 0050
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1976-08

Song Information:

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A-1. You're not easy to forget
Composer:Kitty Wells
A-2. Crying my heart out over your
A-3. I'd rather be alone
A-4. Lost to a stranger
Composer:Frank Brown, Jr.
A-5. How the story had to end
Composer:Al Jones
A-6. Skip, hop & wobble
Composer:Jimmy Martin-Raymond Johnson
A-7. Blue eyed darling
Composer:Roy Acuff
B-1. Come back to me in my dreams
Composer:Bill Monroe
B-2. Let those brown eyes smile at me
Composer:R. Nail
B-3. Hey, hey, hey
Composer:Carter Stanley
B-4. No one but you
Composer:Al Jones
B-5. Long gone
Composer:Don Reno
B-6. Letters have no arms
Composer:A. Gibon-E. Tubb
B-7. Going home
Composer:Scott Stoneman