Seven times around

Kentucky Gentlemen

Label:Jewel JRC 81026
Release Date:1981
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1982-02

Song Information:

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B-5. Uncle Joe4:19
Composer:Marvin Davis
B-4. That's the way you are2:24
Composer:Marvin Davis
B-3. Just the silence2:54
Composer:Ralph King
B-2. Get a little dirt on your hands2:39
Composer:B. Anderson
B-1. Black dust fever2:48
Composer:Marvin Davis
A-5. Brown Mountain light3:31
A-4. The Violet and the rose3:10
Composer:B. Auge-M. Tillis-J. Reinfield
A-3. Baby girl2:14
Composer:C. Stanley
A-2. Love and wealth3:23
Composer:Louvin Brothers
A-1. Seven Bridges Road3:12