A dobro dozen

Beverly King

Label:House of Guitars 41871
Release Date:1971
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Bells of St. Mary's2:14
A-2. B.K. blues2:19
Composer:Beverly King
A-3. Blue Canadian Rockies2:09
Composer:C. Walker
A-4. Redwing1:44
A-5. End of my world2:13
Composer:R. Whitley
A-6. What a friend we have in Jesus2:32
B-1. Under the double eagle2:47
Composer:J.F. Walker
B-2. May bells1:58
Composer:Beverly King
B-3. Beyond the sunset2:33
B-4. Life's railway to heaven2:33
Composer:Chas. Tillman
B-5. Beneath the willow2:02
Composer:C.R. Foley
B-6. Black Mountain rag2:01
Composer:Tommy Magness