Darby's castle

Knoxville Grass

Label:Thunderhead TH 1004
Release Date:1978
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1978-08

Song Information:

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A-1. Fly away2:32
Composer:Don Williams
A-2. No mother or dad2:41
Composer:L. Flatt & C. Sechler
A-3. Driftin' away2:46
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-4. One more night2:31
Composer:Bob Dylan
A-5. Daybreak in Dixie2:17
A-6. Darby's castle2:47
Composer:K. Kristofferson
B-1. Goin' back to the country3:09
Composer:G. Laney
B-2. Mr. Engineer3:31
Composer:Jimmy Martin & Paul Williams
B-3. Somehow tonight3:20
B-4. You can have her2:18
Composer:W. Cook
B-5. Song for Susan2:18
Composer:Carl Jackson
B-6. Listenin' to the rain2:37
Composer:Don DeVaney