Lawrence Lane & the Kentucky Grass

Label:Rome 4134
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1976-12

Song Information:

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A-1. You comb her hair4:13
Composer:H. Cochran-H. Howard
A-2. Doing my time3:52
Composer:J. Skinner
A-3. Somebody loves you darling3:30
A-4. Everybody's reaching out for someone2:32
Composer:D. Lee-A. Reynolds
A-5. Blue grass of Kentucky2:24
Composer:George M. Rozak
A-6. Columbus Stockade blues2:12
B-1. Red wing2:34
Composer:E. Smith
B-2. I wonder where you are tonight3:30
Composer:Johnny Bond
B-3. Love bug2:28
Composer:W. Kemp-C. Wayne
B-4. Reeling home2:13
Composer:R. Sponaugle
B-5. Talk of the town4:08
Composer:D. Reno
B-6. Where I'm bound3:01