Gospel special

The Lewis Family

Label:Starday SLP 193
Release Date:1962-08
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 7563524

Song Information:

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A-1. Jesus is the rock
A-2. No one but thee
A-3. When God's chariot comes
A-4. Ain't no room in the church for liars
A-5. Dreaming of a little cabin
A-6. Mother's only sleeping
A-7. Honey in the rock
B-1. When I walk along the streets of gold
B-2. The empty cross
B-3. I've started out to find a better home
B-4. From the manger to the cross
B-5. Take this whole world
B-6. My Lord's gonna move this wicked place
B-7. God's great stratosphere