14 mountain songs featuring 5-string banjo

Lonesome Pine Fiddlers

Label:Starday SLP 155
Release Date:1961-10
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Lonesome pine
A-2. Eatin' out of your hand
A-3. Two timin' baby
A-4. Kentucky hill special
A-5. He showed me the way
A-6. I'm all alone
A-7. What can I tell my heart
B-1. Windy mountain2:37
Recording Date:1954-09-26
Composer:Curley Cline
Place:Thomas Studios, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Melvin Goins-g; Ray E. Goins-bj; James Carson-m; Ezra Cline-sb; Curley Ray Cline-f
Vocals:M. Goins-V; R. Goins-V; Curley Ray Cline-V
B-2. Lost in this world
B-3. Two kinds of blues
B-4. Pretty little Indian
B-5. Why do you treat me the way you do
B-6. Lonesome pine ramble
B-7. He won't accept excuses