Louisiana bluegrass

Louisiana Honeydrippers

Label:Prestige International INT 13035
Release Date:1962-03
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Johnson's old gray mule
A-2. More pretty girls than one
A-3. Bugle call rag
A-4. Cotton-eyed Joe
A-5. Beautiful life
A-6. Mama blues
A-7. Pretty Polly
A-8. Hoedown
A-9. Knoxville girl
B-1. Who's going' down to Wilmington
B-2. The Girl in the blue velvet band
B-3. Old Blue
B-4. Cora is gone
B-5. Liberty
B-6. Rabbit in the log
B-7. Soldier's joy
B-8. Keep my skillit good and greasy
B-9. Little Maggie