Early days of bluegrass. Vol. 1

Various artists

Label:Rounder 1013
Release Date:1974
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1975-11

Song Information:

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B-8. Going back to old KentuckyHobo Jack (Adkins)
B-7. Gonna lay down my old guitarByron Parker & his Mountaineers
B-6. Jesse JamesWhitey & Hogan
B-5. You have left me memoriesHobo Jack & His Kentucky Pals
B-4. Lint head stompPhebel Wright
B-3. Sweeter than the flowersFranklin Brothers
B-2. Married life bluesByron Parker & his Mountaineers
B-1. If you don't love your neighborShannon Grayson & his Golden Valley Boys
A-8. Somebody touched meJohn Reedy & his Stone Mountain Hillbillys
A-7. Holston Valley breakdownRonnie Knittel & the Holston Valley Ramblers
A-6. What are they doing in Heaven today?Lilly Brothers
A-5. They sleep together now at restLilly Brothers
A-4. Kentucky is only a dreamRed Belcher & his Kentucky Ridge Runners
A-3. Old grey gooseRed Belcher & his Kentucky Ridge Runners
A-2. Devil's little angelKelleys
A-1. Leavin' TennesseeKelleys