Blake & Rice 2

Norman Blake & Tony Rice

Label:Rounder 0266
Release Date:1990
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. It's raining here this morning3:37
A-2. Lost Indian3:06
A-3. Georgie2:49
A-4. Father's Hall2:17
A-5. The two soldiers4:35
A-6. Blackberry blossom3:14
A-7. Eight more miles to Louisville2:46
B-1. Lincoln's funeral train4:14
B-2. Molly Bloom2:39
B-3. D-18 song (thank you, Mr. Martin)3:58
B-4. Back in yonder's world3:54
B-5. Bright days2:14
B-6. Salt Creek3:10