J. E. Mainer. Vol. 3, With Red Smiley & the Bluegrass Cutups

J. E. Mainer, Red Smiley & the Bluegrass Cutups

Label:Rural Rhythm RRJE 198
Release Date:1968
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1968-04
   Discogs.com ID: 2793385

Song Information:

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A-1. Seven and a half2:03
A-2. Devilish Mary2:00
A-3. Hannah1:54
A-4. Baby Buntin2:19
A-5. Ride old Buck to water2:17
A-6. Casey Jones2:10
A-7. Arkansas traveler2:02
A-8. Change in business all around1:48
A-9. Polly put the kettle on1:56
A-10. Shady grove1:56
B-1. Old blind horse2:09
B-2. Papa's billy goat2:25
B-3. Burglar man2:00
B-4. Don't tax the gals1:54
B-5. Eleven cents cotton1:32
B-6. Home sweet home2:07
B-7. Shortenin' bread1:52
B-8. Johnny get your gun2:06
B-9. I had an old grey mare1:07
B-10. Alabama camp meeting3:08