Fiddle collection

Benny Martin

Label:CMH CMH 9006
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1976-11

Song Information:

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1A-1. Muleskinner blues
1A-2. Sweet bunch of daisies
1A-3. Alabama jubilee
1A-4. Home sweet home
1A-5. Little footprints in the snow
1A-6. Georgiana moon
1B-1. Back up and push
1B-2. Flint Hill special
1B-3. Blue moon of Kentucky
1B-4. Bile 'em cabbage down
1B-5. Salty dog
1B-6. The fiddler's dream
2A-1. Dueling fiddles
2A-2. Lara's theme
2A-3. Black Mountain rag
2A-4. Under the double eagle
2A-5. How will I explain about you
2A-6. Beautiful dreamer
2A-7. Foggy Mountain breakdown
2B-1. Ragtime Annie
2B-2. Fire on the mountain
2B-3. Bury me beneath the willow
2B-4. Cotton-eyed Joe
2B-5. Sunny side of the mountain
2B-6. Night train to Memphis