Authentic old-time fiddle tunes

Kelly Jones with Bluegrass Association

Label:SPBGMA USR 7714
Release Date:1975
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Cincinnati hornpipe1:57
A-2. Golden eagle hornpipe1:54
A-3. Angus Campbell1:56
A-4. Arkansas traveler1:55
A-5. Bill Cheatum1:52
A-6. Fisher's hornpipe1:50
A-7. Forked deer1:56
B-1. Speed the plow1:51
B-2. Stoney Point1:54
B-3. Rickett's hornpipe1:55
B-4. Devil's dream1:51
B-5. Witch of the wave1:53
B-6. Durang's hornpipe1:57
B-7. Vinton's hornpipe2:09