Goin' down the country

Mac Martin & the Dixie Travelers

Label:Rural Rhythm RRMM 214
Release Date:1968
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1969-03

Song Information:

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B-10. Gold watch and chain
B-9. Honeysuckle rose
B-8. Billie Wilson
B-7. Don't forget me
B-6. Wheel hoss
B-5. Faded rose
B-4. Fireball
B-3. Why do you weep
B-2. France Lee
B-1. Cotton eyed Joe
A-10. Katie Kline
A-9. Me and my fiddle
A-8. We can't be darlings
A-7. Billy's choice
A-6. Blue railroad train
A-5. Would you care
A-4. Little star
A-3. Love in my heart
A-2. Southern moon
A-1. Goin' down the country