That dobro sound's goin' 'round

Various artists

Label:Starday SLP 340
Release Date:1965-07
Country:United States ID: 5186402

Song Information:

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A-1. John Henry breakdownHoss Linneman & Uncle Josh
A-2. Oswald's dobro chimesBashful Brother Oswald
A-3. Maiden's prayerHoss Linneman
A-4. Houndog bluesShot Jackson
A-5. Wildwood flowerHoss Linneman
A-6. I'll be all smiles tonightDeacon Brumfield
A-7. Y'all comeHoss Linneman
B-1. Silver threads among the goldHoss Linneman & Uncle Josh
B-2. Fort worth dragShot Jackson
B-3. Mexican ladyUncle Josh
B-4. Island marchBashful Brother Oswald
B-5. Great speckled birdHoss Linneman
B-6. Deacon's boogieDeacon Brumfield
B-7. Home sweet homeHoss Linneman