Songs for home folks

The McCormick Brothers

Label:Hickory LPM 102
Release Date:1961
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Red hen boogie
Composer:Ira & Charlie Louvin; Acuff-Rose Pub., BMI
A-2. C.N.R. Special
Composer:Jack Kingston; Acuff-Rose Pub., BMI
A-3. Pins and needles (in my heart)
Composer:Floyd Jenkins; Milene Music, ASCAP
A-4. I'm happy to know
Composer:Wm. Harold McCormick-David Watkins; Acuff-Rose Pub
A-5. Make your last kiss the sweetest
Composer:Jimmy Walker; Acuff-Rose Pub., BMI
A-6. In the palm of your hand
Composer:Bernard Spurlock; Acuff-Rose Pub., BMI
B-1. Banjo twist
Composer:Haskel McCormick-Billy Clark; Acuff-Rose Pub., BMI
B-2. The mad banjo
Composer:Kelly, Haskel, Lloyd McCormick; Acuff-Rose Pub., B
B-3. The banjo strut
Composer:Lloyd, Kelly, Haskel McCormick; Acuff-Rose Pub., B
B-4. Haskel's five string
Composer:Harold & Haskel McCormick; Acuff-Rose Pub., BMI
B-5. McCormicks' string picnic
Composer:Haskel & Kelly McCormick; Acuff-Rose Pub., BMI
B-6. The banjo fling
Composer:Haskel & Harold McCormick-Dewel Bullington; Acuff-