New horizons

Dixie Flyers

Label:Stony Plain SPL 1077
Release Date:1984
BG Unlimited:1985-01 ID: 4311519

Song Information:

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A-1. Will you be lonesome too2:50
A-2. Love of the mountains2:54
A-3. Acid rain2:44
A-4. The booze hound2:58
A-5. The auctioneer2:44
A-6. Hot corn, cold corn3:04
B-1. New Chattanooga dog2:31
B-2. I'll go steppin' too2:45
B-3. Lone star2:26
B-4. The Golan blues3:20
B-5. Grand Old Opry song2:52
B-6. You are my flower2:57