A greener prairie

Skip Gorman

Label:Rounder CD 0329
Release Date:199?
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1995-04
   Amazon ASIN: B0000002MM

Song Information:

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1. Blue mountain3:56
2. Buffalo hump4:03
3. Here's to Texas Rangers3:21
4. Old Madera waltzes
4. Orvetta4:38
5. Where the old Red River flows3:30
6. Bonaparte's retreat
6. Platte River pastoral2:47
7. Yellow rose of Texas2:50
8. Emigrant's lament for Oregon7:45
9. Old paint's a pony4:13
10. Night herding song3:58
11. Fine times at our house1:42
12. The wandering cowboy3:12
13. Rake and rambling boy3:07
14. The last longhorn4:44
15. When the work's all done this fall3:57
16. Cattle call3:25
17. The clayhole waltz
17. Daily Welters waltz4:06