Big hill

The McLain Family Band

Label:Country Life CLR 10
Release Date:1980
Country:United States ID: 3885971

Song Information:

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A-1. Big Hill1:38
Composer:Raymond McLain
A-2. I never will marry2:44
Composer:A.P. Carter
A-3. Pig in the pen1:53
A-4. I will arise and go to Jesus2:33
Composer:Lillenas Haldor
A-5. Georgiana moon2:56
A-6. Alaska Airlines1:00
Composer:Raymond McLain
A-7. Light of the stable2:21
Composer:S. & E. Rhymer
A-8. Bugle call rag1:32
Composer:J. Pettis-S. Meyers-E. Schoebel
B-1. Under the double eagle2:17
Composer:John Phillip Sousa
B-2. Casey at the bat2:10
Composer:Raymond McLain
B-3. Peacock rag2:08
Composer:Arthur Smith
B-4. Our song4:34
Composer:Rosemary McLain
B-5. Dickenson County (Virginia)1:52
Composer:Ruth McLain
B-6. Worried man blues2:25
Composer:A. P. Carter
B-7. Remember me!3:29
Composer:Scott Wiseman