Virginia : bluegrass, where it all began

The McPeak Brothers

Label:Dominion 1610
Release Date:1972
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. No place to call home2:20
Composer:L. McPeak
A-2. Country roads2:53
Composer:John Denver, Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert
A-3. Shelly's winter love3:14
Composer:Merle Haggard
A-4. Durham's bull2:04
A-5. Snow bird2:20
Composer:Gene MacLeian
A-6. I'll be no stranger there1:59
Composer:Alcorn Sebren
B-1. The Rain will do my crying2:22
Composer:L. McPeak
B-2. Darling Corey2:09
B-3. Make the world go away2:22
Composer:H. Cochran
B-4. Bill Cheatham1:57
Composer:L. Flatt, E. Scruggs
B-5. The Shoe goes on the other foot tonight1:53
Composer:Buddy Mize
B-6. May I sleep in your barn2:49