Midnight Plowboys

The Midnight Plowboys

Label:Skyline SR 001
Release Date:1981
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1981-11

Song Information:

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A-1. Midnight Flyer1:45
Composer:Paul Craft
A-2. Jambalaya3:09
Composer:Hank Williams
A-3. Plowboy rag2:32
Composer:Bucky Hanks
A-4. Old man from the mountain2:40
Composer:Merle Haggard
A-5. Black Mountain rag2:18
Composer:Tommy Magness
B-1. Diggi liggi li2:55
Composer:Doug Kershaw
B-2. Fox on the run1:53
Composer:T. Hazzard
B-3. Midnight on the water3:07
Composer:Benny Thomasson
B-4. Sail away ladies2:14
B-5. Bill Bailey1:50