High level fiddling

Bill Mitchell & Red Taylor

Label:Davis Unlimited DU 33012
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Orange Blossom Special2:21
A-2. Sally Ann2:00
A-3. Down yonder1:50
A-4. Sweet bunch of daisies1:52
A-5. Twinkle little star2:17
A-6. Missouri waltz2:03
A-7. Turkey in the straw1:22
B-1. Billy in the low ground2:01
B-2. High level hornpipe1:52
B-3. Rag time Annie2:04
B-4. Katy Hill2:20
B-5. Blackberry blossom1:57
B-6. Leather britches2:01
B-7. Sally Goodin2:00