Bill Monroe's Country Music Hall of Fame

Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys

Label:MCA COP/S 4735

Song Information:

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A-1. Mule skinner blues
A-2. Kentucky waltz
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-3. Get up John2:08
Recording Date:1953-11-28
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:Castle Studio, Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN
Master:3180 / 85546
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Jimmy Martin-g; Rudy Lyle-bj; Charlie Cline-f; Ernie Newton-bs
A-4. You'll find her name written there2:52
Recording Date:1954-12-31
Composer:Harold Hensley
Place:possibly Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:3415 / 87244
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Jackie Phelps-g; Hubert Davis-bj; Bobby Hicks-f; Ernie Newton-bs
Vocals:B. Monroe-L
A-5. Blue moon of Kentucky
A-6. Put my little shoes away
B-1. Rocky road blues
Composer:Bill Monroe
B-2. The girl in the blue velvet band
Recording Date:1970-12-02
Composer:Cliff Carlisle-Mel Foree
Place:Nashville, TN
Master:16263 / 123260
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; James Monroe-g; Bobby Thompson-bj; Red Hayes-f; Kenny Baker-f
Vocals:B. Monroe-L
B-3. Summertime is past and gone
Composer:Bill Monroe
B-4. Footprints in the snow
B-5. The gold rush2:59
Recording Date:1967-08-23
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Master:14784 / 119363
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Roland White-g; Vic Jordan-bj; Byron Berline-f; James Monroe-bs