Memories of Charlie Monroe

Charlie Monroe

Label:Pine Mountain P MR-246-247
Release Date:1975
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Old Kentucky bound
A-2. Who's calling you sweetheart tonight
A-3. Willow garden
A-4. Foot prints in the snow
A-5. I'm coming back but I don't know when
A-6. Walking with you in my dreams
A-7. I thank the friends who prayed for me
B-1. Old Joe Clark
B-2. Blue eyed Jane
B-3. Bringin' in that Georgia mail
B-4. That's what I like about you
B-5. Rollin' in my baby's arms
B-6. Rosalee McFall
B-7. I'm gonnn sing, sing, sing
C-1. City on the hillPhipps Family
C-2. In the sweet bye and byePhipps Family
C-3. There is room in heaven for mePhipps Family
C-4. I thank the friends who prayed for meWendell Allen
C-5. We will march through the streets of that cityPhipps Family
D-1. My saviors trainPhipps Family
D-2. Shine shine on mePhipps Family
D-3. I know my Lord's gonna lead me outPhipps Family
D-4. I'll have a new bodyPhipps Family
D-5. I've been waiting Lord to goPhipps Family
D-6. If we never meet againPhipps Family
D-7. You'll find me therePhipps Family